Adam Tensta – Pass It On (Exclusive).

February 22nd 2012,

Yesterday I pressed the button. The button that sent the ONLY copy of my new song ‘Pass It On’ on a journey around the world. I want you guys to listen to it, but the thing is this, you can only listen to it ONE time before it gets passed along to the next person on the list. Right now I’ve tracked the song to 5 countries since yesterday evening, it’s been to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, USA and Morocco. You can follow where the song has been and sign up to get it passed to you by clicking on the link below.

Adam Tensta – Pass It On >>>

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  1. Gwilym Gold Tender Metal | Pop The Campaign
    • November 26, 2012 at 8:33 am

    [...] Absent Minded dat de laatste videoclip alleen toonde op basis van airplay en de bekroonde rapper Adam Tensta, wiens nummer exclusief maar door één iemand per keer (ter wereld) kan worden beluisterd. [...]