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During our discussions about being a contributing part of society in Sweden today, we coined the phrase “the modern Swede”. A phrase that defined many of the thoughts that were already circulating in our heads.
When the design company Universalpixel wanted to host a competition on “the modern Swede” for students at Sweden’s four leading art schools (Beckmans, Berghs, Konstfack and Forsbergs), it was a go! The students were presented with the following description, and got to work.

The modern Swede is: A world citizen, always open minded towards life and every possible adventure around the corner. Both at home and abroad, geographically, online or in the world of culture.
The modern Swede is:
Not afraid to express his/her feelings and beliefs. He/she has the ambition to grow as a person and sees opportunity in problems.
The modern Swede
dreams and achieves!

Today I announce the names of the winning students and their 4 contributions. Their designs will be printed on t-shirts and sold at an exclusive location in Stockholm. Find the location here >>>

I want to send a big shout out to all the students that participated, and all crafted wonderful designs. You are all modern Swedes, you are right now, and you are the future.
Congratulations to Clara, Leondios, Niklas and Rasmus, for your excellence! You guys are too modern Swedes, and the reason to why our future is looking brighter than ever.

Below are the winning contributions: