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The good people at Creativebeach has had us under their radar for some time now. Hit the link and read up on me and Eboi.

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The gaming blog shot me a couple questions about gaming, and my participation in the new Street Fighter game.

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After the release of ‘Tystas Ner’, a joint me, Eboi, Dida and Aleks did for Stress new album ‘Playlist’, the discussions about integration/segregation propelled to new heights. As always between right and left wing followers, slandering begun to rain. Nöjesguiden took a couple of artist to the side, to try get their version on things.

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In support of the burned down youth centre Blå Huset where Tensta Boxing Club houses, the people at Redbull, Tensta Marknad and Respect My Hustle put together a home coming event in Tensta. Supporting us in this time of need, many of my artist colleagues and friends took time off from their busy schedules, to come out and support the cause. Thanks to these very big hearted people, we’re a couple of steps closer the reconstruction of the youth centre.
Thank you a bunch.

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